Düsseldorf is known in the tourist circuits for more than one reason. Besides being the shopping paradise, Düsseldorf is a haven for food lovers, with hundreds of eating joints and pubs. As far as shopping is concerned it challenges the leading shopping destinations in the world. To have the best shopping experience, you can visit Königsallee shopping street, which is upscale and elegant. The Media Harbor represents the modern Düsseldorf with high-rise buildings. The older part of the city is mostly known for its restaurants offering palate tempting delicacies.

Apart from that the city has a lot of museums, where you can have a glimpse of the rich history of Europe. The city is also known as the city of art, so a visit to its art galleries will soothe your nerves and revitalize your senses. A motorhome hire in Düsseldorf is the best way to travel across the city.

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Recommended itineraries for Campervan rental Düsseldorf

Rheincamping Meerbusch: This camping site is ideal for vacationing and is in close proximity with the forest, the city and the river. It is also very near to the city and offers a lot of water sports. You will also be able to access many other facilities such as grocery stores, bars and Internet cafés etc. at the camping ground.

Wasserski Camping Langenfeld: This camping site has an easy access to the city and is also at close proximity with the lake and the main routes leading you to the city center.

Must see places: Düsseldorf is the capital of North Rhine state of Germany. So, being a historical and a modern city at the same time, the city has a lot of must see places.

The Königsallee Shopping Street: This is the most popular part of Düsseldorf, with almost everything on earth that a tourist wants—pubs, restaurants, discotheques, shopping arcades, and architectural marvels.

The Axis of Art: This grand center of arts is spread over an 800m stretch with prominent art galleries and museums.

Benrath Palace: An abode and hunting ground of a medieval king Karl Theodor. Its architecture and ensemble are sure to rejuvenate your spirits.

NordPark: A great landscape comprising of many theme based parks including Japanese garden is a lush green place, where you can unwind.

Gerricusplatz: The historical place on the foothills with a basilica, fountains and a square. The square resembles with the squares based in France.

Driving Conditions & Travel Tips for Düsseldorf Motorhome

Road network: The government encourages the use of public transport inside the city, however Campervan hire Düsseldorf can be taken to travel the rest of the state and surrounding areas.

Speed limits: Normal prescribed speed limit is 50kmph (unless specified.) State roads: 100kmphNational highways and autobahns: No prescribed speed limit (unless specified.)

Alcohol limits: Not more than 0.5%. No much police patrolling is there in the city, but the offenders get harsh punishment if caught violating these rules.

Safety: Dusseldorf has right hand driving and talking on cell phones while driving is strictly prohibited. Fuel and gas is very expensive, so be careful about it.

So pack your bags and enjoy the visit to Dusseldorf, the lively city of Germany!

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