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Holiday rental mortorhome in KeflavikAre you a discerning traveler who enjoys whale-watching, kayaking, water-rafting, fishing, sailing and many other water-sport activities? Are you craving for a holiday escape that make you feel all experiences a tourism hub can offer? Are you to planning to explore the ultimate versatility of nature on your next campervan or motorhome hire holiday? Want to discover the amazing views of Atlantic Ocean this vacation?

If answer to all or any of above questions is yes, Keflavik is the ultimate travel destination for your next motorhome holidays. Situated in the heart of Atlantic Ocean, this little Iceland town attracts a horde of travelers from Europe and US throughout the year. It is located on a small peninsula in Southwest Iceland.

Keflavik is just 5 Kilometer away from the only international airport of Iceland, which is one of the key reasons why this harbor is chosen as the starting point to begun a campervan holiday journey in Iceland by most of the traveler. Mainly known for water sports, Keflavik is one of the most visited places in the country and a perfect base to explore the south region of the country with motorhome hire and campervan rental.

Why Choose Campervan or Motorhome Hire in Keflavik

As afore hinted, Keflavik is located in very close proximity to Keflavik airport and the distance from the only international airport of the country to its capital city Reykjavik is just a matter of 45 minute drive with a campervan. And thus, most of the visitors to country select Keflavik airport as their pick up destination for campervan rental or motorhome hire and begin exploring the country the moment they exit the airport terminal.

The urban town of Keflavik can be easily explored on foot, but if you want to visit its nearby natural attractions, mainly hot springs, national parks, glaciers, fjords and the blue lagoon, campervan rental is the best alternative.

Self-driving is strongly recommended to get around this magnificent island country, and we have a myriad of campervan hire deals in Keflavik. No matter what time of the year your arrive in Keflavik, our aim is to get you the best deal, at the best price, and make your trip to this wonderful town as memorable as possible with our excellent customer service.

Driving Campervan & Motorhome in Keflavik

  • All main roads are in great condition. But, one should be cautious while driving on the interior routes.
  • There are many campsites to park your van along the way and take some rest
  • Speed limit is 50 Kph on urban roads, 80-90 Kph on provincial roads, and 90 Kph on national roads and motorways
  • The permitted alcohol limit while self-driving is 0.05 percent
  • Iceland people drive on right side of the road
  • Headlights ought to be ON all the time
  • Fuel is less costly than in UK
When is the best time to go?

Though travelers arrive all year round, summer (June to September) is the best time to visit this heavenly place on earth. During summer, the town sees 20 hours of daylight and creates a perfect setting for hikers.

Suggested Motorhome Drives in Keflavik from OnRoadCampervan

The Blue Lagoon: One of the most popular tourist attractions of Iceland is located near the international airport in Keflavik. Warm and milky blue water of the Lagoon will unwind you and give you the ultimate pleasure as well as fun with your family or friends. The site is a bit touristy, so you will definitely find a huge crowd. But don’t be disappointed, the lagoon is too big and you will certainly find your own place to cherish the moments with your travel companions & motorhome.

Drive the Ring Road: If you are one of the travelers who do not want to miss anything this country has to offer, drive your camper on the ring road of Iceland. You can start your journey from the Blue Lagoon.

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