So, are you in search of sea, sand and sun? Do you want to experience the sea air at its best? Look nowhere but come straight to Scotland. We offer best motorhome hire Scotland services to explore this country which is part of the United Kingdom and occupies the Northern third of the island of the Great Britain! There is England in the South of this country while East has North Sea. Atlantic Ocean is situated to the North and West and the North Channel and Irish Sea to the Southwest. There are over 790 islands including the Northern Isles and the Hebrides!

Campervan Hire for Major Tourist Destinations in Scotland

Sea and Scotland

OnRoadCampervan has the reputation of providing best motorhome hire Scotland services in the country. While settling down perfectly in our motorhomes, you can drink the beauty of this island that offers you all – secluded island beaches, various species of flora and fauna, white sandy beaches, busy harbor and small island communities.

While our campervans do a great job in getting you go on the roads of Scotland, when you actually get to the place through our vehicles, it is best to come into action through your foot! The country has some of the best clearly marked paths for walking and coastal trails. The avid walkers would find for themselves something exotic even in Fife to Arran and Moray to Shetland! Also, you can enjoy marine wildlife and seabird colonies with the wonderful wildlife cruise such as the Sula Beag around the Inner Hebrides for regular sightings of seals, whales and even dolphins.

Orkney and Shetland Isles

Are you fed up with the constant churning out in this globally industrialized civilization? Do you want to escape to somewhere which is other than this world? The Orkney and Shetland Isles are best to serve the purpose! Orkney alone houses almost 3000 prehistoric sites including Skara Brae which is considered to be the best preserved prehistoric village in Northern Europe. It is said that the village has his foundations even before the birth of Christ!

The Shetlands offer you a long cherished tradition of arts and crafts. This tradition inspires the local artisans to make unique variety of woodcraft, textiles, jewelry and leather work.

Driving Tips Before Hiring Motorhome in Scotland

Be careful while driving on the roads of Scotland. Following tips may help you out:

  • In Scotland and throughout UK, it is left hand driving
  • On main routes, you will see speed limits signposted by a circular sign with a red border and number
  • Maximum speed limits on motorways are 70mph for cars, coaches and minibuses 60mph for cars towing caravans or trailers and lorries
  • On dual carriageways it is 70m/h for cars, 60m/h for cars towing caravans, trailers, buses, coaches, lorries and minibuses
  • In built-up areas it is 30m/h
  • Outside built-up areas, it is 60m/h for cars and 50m/h for buses, coaches, minibuses and cars towing caravans or trailors
  • Seat belts are compulsory irrespective of the positions of the occupants in the vehicle

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