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McRent Motorhome

McRent Motorhome Rental Company

McRent is one of the Europe’s largest motorhome rental company which provide motorhome services in Germany, France, UK, Iceland, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy. The company have several pickup and drop up locations in almost all above countries, so tourists can enjoy flexibility during the holidays with reasonable prices and a high level of comfort. All vehicles are not older the 3 years and also fully equipped: kitchen, refrigerator and cooker, bath room with sink, shower and chemical toilet (cassette), heating, fresh water and waste water tank, safety belts, battery charger, power-steering, cable drum and connection cable, European standard plug set for 230 V, separate 12 V battery for living quarters, fire extinguisher, at least one stereo radio with CD and a bicycle rack. Extras like kitchen utensils, crockery, childseats or snowchains are only available on request and for an additional charge.

McRent Motorhome Vehicle Types

  • Group VW
  • Group Compact Standard
  • Group Compact Plus
  • Group Compact Luxury
  • Group Family Standard
  • Group Family Plus
  • Group Family Luxury
  • Group Comfort Standard
  • Group Comfort Plus
  • Group Premium Standard
  • Group Premium Plus
  • Group Premium Luxury


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