Cheap rv rental Los AngelesLos Angeles is synonymous with unbridled passion for entertainment and joy. The guests are bound to enjoy state-of-the-art restaurants and all-night parties. For those who love outdoor adventures, Griffith Park offers plenty of opportunities of picnic spots and hiking trails. Museum of Tolerance is something one should not miss while being in Los Angeles. If you have decided to opt for RV rental in Los Angeles, it is easier to see a range of attractions within the city and nearby areas.

Places to visit After Hiring Motorhome in Los Angeles

While you are out on the roads with your RV hire in Los Angeles, you can undertake a drive to San Diego. If there is no congestion on the roads, it can take about two hours. And, when there is congestion, it can go up to four hours. San Diego offers plenty of camper sites and the Valley Centre. The other places of visit include Balboa Park, SeaWorld and the Old Town.

With Motorhome rental in Log Angeles take San Gabriel Canyon road, it is preferred to take route 30 that proceeds through San Gabriel Valley, reservoirs and Crystal Lake. If time allows, it is fun to go for hiking near the end of East Fork Road and try bungee jumping.

A short drive through Griffith Observatory Loop gives unique views of downtown Los Angeles and other attractions along the way consist of Greek Theatre and the Griffith Observatory. Good options for overnight stay include Walnut RV Park in Los Angeles and camper sites in Acton.

The LA to Los Vegas road trip in a motorhome hire may not be the ideal, but worth taking in a sense that it gives you the experience of life time. It is a trip of about 300 miles. When you reach halfway, you will reach Barstow which compels you to stop for a while because of its Calico Ghost Town. There is a long legend behind its name, but this is a unique ghost town in a sense that it has shops, restaurants and camping facilities. These are the options that are tempting to spend at least a night in the company of charming sunset and desert.


Safe Driving Tips for Campervan Rental Driving in Los Angeles

Road network is bound to be sound and well-connected. Hence, it is very easy to reach other major cities of U.S from Los Angeles. Interstate 5 provides access to the south while Route 101 connects to the California Central Coast. On the way, there are plenty of resources that offer fuel and hence it is easy to get fuels for your vehicle. Also check speed limits:

  • Rural interstates: 112 kph
  • Urban interstates: 96 kph
  • Other roads: 96 kph

Apart from the speed limits, alcohol limit too is strictly adhered to. It is mandatory to maintain the limit of 0.08 percent in alcohol. Any driver who fails to follow this law faces imprisonment. Right-hand side driving is the rule. It is recommended not to leave valuables in the car. While parking, doors need to be locked. Fuel is cheaper than United Kingdom.

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